Thursday, March 20, 2014


I don't really like the heat but I do enjoy the sun after a dark winter.  We have been making smoothie pops and eating outside everyday.

Sunbeams is Jail??

On Sunday, Zachie came and found me after class. He seemed happy, said hi mama  and stood there for a minute.  I said time to go... He puts his hands on the sides of his face and yells, "I can't go back to jail!!" and then runs away.

I couldn't stop laughing.  It was just so unexpected.  He said it with a smile but I think he really meant it.

Zachie has not adjusted well to Sunbeams.  The big issue is that our ward switch to 9:00 and that has just thrown everything off.  Jesse is still his teacher but that doesn't really help.  Sissy on the other hand loves Sunbeams and could care less for nursery.

Oh Well.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Olivia Nichole is 1!

We cannot believe a whole year has gone by.  Olivia is one and changing by the day.  Here are just a few things we love about our little miss...

She is a little shoe obsessed. She has a bin full of shoes that she tries on all day long.  She asks for shoes whenever we get ready to go or whenever they are in sight.  The shinier the shoe that better.  She is opposed to sandals, who would of thought.

She loves baths.  She could take multiple baths a day and be incredibly happy with it.  When we say the word bath she instantly perks up and looks for the bathroom.  If we start taking off her clothes she gets this excited giggle and starts hopping up and down.  If she actually sees water we get an ear full of her excitement.

Clothes are becoming as exciting as shoes for her.  She doesn't try and change her clothes at all but she loves getting dressed.

Walks are another of her favorite things.  When the coats and shoes come out she knows exactly what we are doing and starts telling me all about it.  She grabs onto the stroller tray and holds herself straight up the entire walk.  leaning back would mean she might miss something.

She still doesn't like people and won't let a soul touch her other than Jesse and I.  She is starting to warm up to playing while people are present.

She loves anything sweet.  Even if she has been refusing every piece of food we give, which would tell us she isn't hungry, she will snatch up the first sweet that crosses her path and gobble it down without a second thought.  She especially likes cookies and anything shaped like a cupcake.

She sleeps on one of us every night, although we can get her to sleep on her own every once in a while.

She absolutely loves her brother and everything he does.  However, she will stand up for herself when it comes to food, toys, or mommy time.  If Zachie comes near me she instantly starts yelling at him and comes to me to claim her territory.

She loves hair accessories.  If she sees any within her reach she will try to put them in her hair.

She doesn't like shorts and will refuse to crawl anywhere until we put something on her legs. Our little princess!

Well if I think of some more fun things I will add on.  But we love this little girl.  She is so sweet and silly.  She gives great snuggle and the sweetest little kisses.  Her toothless smile lights up the room and that giggle makes you laugh every time.

I can't find it!!!

I can't seem to find any pictures from Christmas until now so for now here is miss Olivia!
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Monday, April 8, 2013

November in Pictures and a few Movies

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October Recap

So I haven't been good at blogging as you all know.  I can't say I will get better but I am goign to update the past few months in pictures, starting in October.  We haven't realy taken a lot of pictures so they are a but scattered but still this is our life and we love it!

I don't remember what they were watching but they are one cute family!

When she used to sleep on her own...those days are long gone.

Zachie can fall asleep anywhere under any circumstance.

Love those eyes!

I love this girl!

Still her favorite toy.

Oh the babies

Zachie calls popcorn candy and thinks it is one fo the best treats you can get!
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Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Couch

Yes, my first post in months is about our living room.  A little sad I know but hey I'm blogging right.  So we have decided to stay in Sherwood for another year of awesomeness (like that word).  That means we get to change a few things in the apartment to make our next year different and better hopefully.  I like it when each year is a better year, it would be sad if it were just the same.  So we took a small part of our no more a down payment funds and invested in our very first Jesse and Brittney picked out couch!!  We will no longer refer to our furniture as so and so's something or other and get to say yeah that is ours.  If you hadn't guessed we are giddy.  Here is a lovely picture

As you can see it is huge but exactly what we have always wanted.  We love that our whole family can sit on it and crawl to each other and snuggle and  still have our own little napping space if needed.  We won't have it for another week or so so we have some work to do to clear out our old stuff.  Yeah for a new family couch!